ECM Technologies’ vacuum furnaces meet the needs of all industry sectors, particularly the car industry, aerospace, electronics, photovoltaic, nuclear, medical and ceramics.

Our vacuum furnaces have been developed since 1964 and represent a database reference of thousands of furnaces sold worldwide.

With ECM Technologies, studies and manufacturing are carried out in our Grenoble factory comprising nearly 1,200 m2 of offices, 8,000 m2 of production workshop as well as a test laboratory and metallurgical test laboratory.

1924: UGINE INFRA foundation: specialising in industrial furnace manufacturing

1950E.C.M. (ETUDES ET CONSTRUCTIONS MECANIQUES) is founded, specialising in manufacturing of positioning and soldering systems

1964: INFRAFOURS develops the first vacuum furnace used for brazing of noble steels for aeronautic applications.

1980: First tests for low pressure carburising and gas quenching

1983: Photovoltaic: PHYSITHERM develops the first furnace (for 60 kg polycrystaline ingots) with Photowatt.

1984: Francis PELISSIER obtains controlling interests in ECM and ECM takes over INFRAFOURS.

1988Laurent PELISSIER joins the ECM group: Graduation thesis on low pressure carburising and mathematical modelling.

1989: The vertical ICBP is developed. First industrial order from the PSA Group.

1990: “Hercule” vacuum furnace for the Hermes shuttle, 2400°C, volume available is 8m3

1991: First major order in China: SAC (Shenyang Aircraft)


1997Order of 5 furnaces for 240 kg photovoltaic silicon ingots for Photowatt

1998: First horizontal ICBP for the PSA Group: a vacuum carburising furnace for gearbox mass production, including a 20 bar gas quenching system.

1998: ECM USA is founded in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

1999: Nuclear, MOX sintering furnace

2005: Foundation of ECM Beijing

2008: Foundation of ECM Technologies

2009: The group develops thanks to significant orders from regular clients and to the implementation of a Photovoltaic R&D program in collaboration with CEA INES.

End of 2011turnkey order from Kazakhstan of 60 MW wafers

2013:   Foundation of ECM Kazakstan and JV Hephaes in China

Nearly 1,000 low pressure carburising cells in production worldwide.

2014 : Bpifrance and Siparex have invested 10 million euros in ECM Technologies along with InnovaFonds and Capida

2015 : SERTHEL has joined the ECM Technologies group and has become SERTHEL Industrie

2015 : Creation of a new induction furnace activity and Plinius order for induction furnace (3,000 ° C, 500kg) for CEA.

2015 : More than 1,000 low pressure carburizing heating cells in worldwide.

2015 : 1st order of ICBP Nano - Multi chambers furnace

Ecm Worldwide

ECM Worldwide

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38029 Grenoble - France
Tel.: +33 4 76 49 65 60 - Fax: +33 4 38 49 04 03

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