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PFTH Furnace vertical Heat Traitement - ECM Technologies

Our PFTH range of furnaces is particularly adapted to the treatment of large sized parts mainly found in aeronautical applications such as landing gears, but also present in other industries that need to process heavy loads or long shafts.
This fully automated installation is specificly recommended for perfect reproducibility of results and increase of productivity.
PFTH design relies on 4 main features:

1. A high-temperature furnace (up to 1350°C) using 3 heating zones for better homogeneity.

Uses both graphite or metallic heating elements depending on the application;

2. A high-efficiency oil quenching tank with cold water double-wall and integrated propellers.

3. An oil buffer tank, fully integrated underground in order to save floor space .

4. A mechanized elevator system, fast load transfer cycles (less than 25 seconds including doors opening and closing). An original motorized clamp system supports the load in the furnace.

Furnace for vertical heat treatment oil quenching PFTH - ECM Technologies



  • Compatible with Low Pressure Carburizing (LPC);
  • A fully automated handling system for the entire process;
  • An airtight door preventing oil vapors into the furnace;
  • Optimized to use less floor space;
  • Designed to simplify maintenance;
  • Proven and automated process, recognized worldwide;

Four PFTH Traitement thermique vertical - ECM Technologies

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