Gas quenching

Gas quenching

is a cooling process focused on quality.
More than 80% of ECM Technologies’ European and North American clients have adopted gas quenching.
ECM Technologies devotes great efforts in R&D to optimise this technology.
Gas quenching
is a cleaner process and therefore easy to integrate. The gas quenching parameters can be precisely adjusted to provide a substantial improvement in quality.

Integrated and ecological

ECM Technologies’ vacuum furnaces are an economic and ecological alternative. With ICBP® furnaces, gas quenching takes place in a specific cell in which the loaded parts are quickly transferred from their heating cell after low pressure carburising.
The parts are then cooled by a high pressure gas injection, up to 20 bar, stirred by two turbines.

Unlike with oil quenching, it is no longer necessary to wash, recycle or treat the effluent when upon exit. Gas quenching is a cleaner and cheaper process which respects the environment. It is a uniform, predictable and reproducible process because it eliminates the calefaction phenomena generated by oil quenching.

Gas quenching produces significant quality gains which can easily lead to savings, such as a decreasing percentage of waste or a reduction in post machining operations. With gas quenching, parts are closer to their final dimensions, with a high level of reproducibility.
Companies like Delphi, which now use oil and gas quenching, increase the proportion of gas quenched parts for diesel pumps parts while keeping the oil quenching for more massive components.

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