The possibility to choose the direction of the quench flow and its programming makes this furnace particularly suitable for cylindrical technical parts up to large dimensions. Its small size facilitates its integration on site.

Hearth lift furnaces have the advantage of easing the manipulation, loading and gearing up the load directly on the lift. Thermal cycles are shortened thanks to the use of forced cooling, which leads to increased productivity. This automatized solution shows excellent repeatability and offers great flexibility.

  • Annealing
  • Tempering
  • Ageing
  • Sintering
  • Brazing
  • Quench and hyper quench

Diamant 30-75

300 x 750 (Vertical Ø x Height)

Diamant 50-60

500 x 600 (Vertical Ø x Height)

Diamant 60-80

600 x 800 (Vertical Ø x Height)

Diamant 60-100

600 x 1000 (Vertical Ø x Height)

Diamant 80-150

800 x 1500 (Vertical Ø x Height)

Diamant 120-120

1200 x 1200 (Vertical Ø x Height)

Diamant 150-150

1500 x 1500 (Vertical Ø x Height)

Diamant 200-200

2000 x 2000 (Vertical Ø x Height)

Working temperature up to 2200°C

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  • Secondary vacuum
  • Single or Reverse flow quenching
  • Low pressure carburizing
  • Accelerated cooling
  • Gas humidification system
  • Use of special gas: hydrogen and other reactive gas
  • AMS2750
  • ATEX

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