Vacuum Furnaces

You are looking for a vacuum furnace ?

A wide range of furnaces dedicated to brazing, sintering, quenching and to the overall vacuum heat treatment of metals.




ECM Technologies has been manufacturing vacuum furnaces since 1964.


Today, more than 1,500 furnaces are installed throughout the world, for an extended range of applications: low pressure / vacuum carburizing, annealing (ageing, magnetic…) vacuum brazing, gas quenching, oil quenching, sintering, post additive manufacturing


To obtain a perfect control of the thermal performance of its vacuum heat treatment furnaces, ECM manufactures its own molybdenum resistors. This allows its furnaces to have excellent repeatability of processes, a mastery of temperatures and the best treatment quality.


All vacuum heat treatment furnaces manufactured by ECM Technologies respond to strict quality standards. Moreover, additional certifications such as the AMS2750 for aeronautics, CQI9 for automotive are available, and a high level of automation can be reached thanks to ECM Technologies’ in-house robotics department.


In this wide range of products, the tailor made approach to design your project, the choice among a non exhaustive list of characteristics, ECM Technologies is your industrial partner for vacuum furnaces.




ECM Technologies offers a range of equipment for the vacuum heat treatment of metals, alloys and other materials while vacuum brazing at the same time. The myriad of processes requires the implementation of optimized technologies for each application.


From 150°C up to 2,800°C, from several cm3 to several m3 of available volume, from atmospheric pressure to molecular vacuum, up to 20 bar cooling, ECM Technologies is ready to meet all these technological and industrial challenges.


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