Nuclear Applications ECM produces and manages calcination & special furnaces operating in nuclear environments

ECM Technologies has, up to now, designed, studied and produced many furnaces for nuclear applications, for clients such as CEA / FBFC CERCA / AREVA. The latest projects focused on research and development for new fuel with among others:




For the ATALANTE research unit on the MARCOULE site, this was designed to be situated in an armoured box and therefore be fully assembled and disassembled by remote handling.




For CEA CADARACHE, glovebox implanted furnace, ECM has designed this furnace in partnership with the CEA LEFCA.




For MÉLOX AREVA, furnace replacement, while integrating several years of client feedback concerning a sintering furnace of this type.


    • Regular maintenance interventions on R&D furnaces on various CEA sites.
    • Moving, refurbishing and setting ATEX standards on operating furnaces on the AREVA FBFC site. ECM has created an independent team for this sector, made up of experienced staff in the nuclear field.


All these technicians are regularly CEFRI trained (upstream and downstream of the fuel) and validated DATR. An employee is also PCR trained and designated in order to respond to client imposed constraints and ensure the compliance procedures. Being entitled to permanently access many CEA and AREVA sites, they can quickly reply to any client request for intervention.

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