New - ECO Range, making heat treatment a cleaner, safer and more performant operation


Key advantages

You are looking for a Sealed Quench Furnace ? With this furnace you get :


  • Strong cuts in CO2 emissions : up to 80%
  • No endo gas generator
  • No CO gas used for carburizing operations
  • No flames, no fire hazard – safer processes
  • Optimized cycle times and energy consumption
  • Better metallurgical results
  • Easy integration in existing sealed quench lines
ECO furnace - the sealed quench furnace (R)evolution


The ECO Furnace is a double chamber installation including a furnace and an integrated oil quenching cell. It is a compact installation that aims at replacing sealed quench furnaces or IQ furnaces for hardening or carburizing operations.


Thanks to vacuum, the ECO Furnace is very efficient. Heat treatment takes place at higher temperature in comparison to conventional solutions, which increases productivity. Also, the carbon footprint of this equipment is optimized. Indeed, electric heating combined with vacuum allow to get rid of endo gas generators, and only consume the gas needed to carburize. As a result, energy consumption is limited and CO2 emissions are among the lowest with a cut of about 80% compared to sealed quench furnaces.


Moreover, ECO furnaces are also flexible. Indeed, several processes can be piloted, which make them ideal solutions for commercial heat treating or mechanical workshops that might sinter, braze, harden or carburize.


Furthermore, thanks to electric heating and vacuum, their integration in workshops is made super easy. Indeed, no flames are generated and the risk of fire hazard is eliminated. Moreover, ECO Furnaces can be integrated in existing batch lines, using the same peripherals and conveyors.


  • Hardening
  • Carburizing
  • Carbonitriding
  • Brazing
  • Oil Quenching

Technical Data

  • Up to 1200°C
  • Load size : 1220 x 915 x 915
  • Load weight : 1500Kg
  • Homogeneity +/-5°C