The ICBP® Nano is the latest product from ECM Technologies in the range for Low Pressure Carburizing and Carbonitriding.

ICBP® Nano can be easily integrated into production lines and will allow you to cut down the time of the cycle while simplifying flux in between machining and heat treating.

The ICBP® Nano composes one module with 3 stacked up heating cells (it can be extended to 6 heating cells, corresponding to 2 heating modules) and a gas quenching cell to cool the pieces. The carburizing cells are stacked up to reduce the footprint’s installation as much as possible.

This installation allows better uniformity and repeatability from load to load while reducing distortions. Each cell is controlled independently, allowing it to work with different temperatures, gas injections and heat treating recipes in each cell. This makes it a flexible installation, compact and with improved productivity, ensuring the best treatment quality.

  • Vacuum carburizing
  • Vacuum carbonitriding
  • Case hardening
  • Gas quenching
    • Helium or Nitrogen
    • Up to 10 bar (20 bar optional)
  • High temperature tempering
  • Vacuum annealing
  • Brazing
  • Sintering

ICBP® Nano 300 (3 cells configuration)

5500 x 3800 x 3800 (Width x Length x Height)

ICBP® Nano 600 (6 cells configuration)

8000 x 3800 x 3800 (Width x Length x Height)
  • Compatible with
    • AMS2750
    • CQI9
  • Neutral atmosphere convection heating
  • High temperature option
  • Water loop for cooling
  • Quenching gas recovery system (for helium)
  • Possibility to integrate the furnace and all peripherals within a heat treating line, made of: washing machine, preheating furnace, tempering, storage, transfer system, unloading…
    Full automation – Capacity to sell turnkey solutions

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