Induction furnaces and melting

From induction heating to vacuum induction melting


ECM Technologies is a historic actor in the induction sector. In the early 90s, ECM Technologies and CFEI (previously Saphymo Cell) – both members of the Dynathermic group – proposed heat treatment installations, under vacuum and under controlled atmosphere. During these years, ECM Technologies also offered revolutionary low pressure carburizing solutions for induction heating: the TORR machine.


ECM Technologies’ mastery of high temperatures, vacuum, and controlled atmospheres has allowed it to propose turnkey induction solutions for various applications including vacuum melting. Induction melting furnaces offer the possibility to carry out complex processes at high temperatures (up tp 3000°C), with a rapid rise in temperature (30°C/s).


These induction melting furnaces are now dedicated to the elaboration of materials and more especially, to materials with strong added value. Also, ECM Technologies’ installations allow the melting of materials in an ATEX, corrosive or nuclear environment.




Vacuum melting technologies to elaborate materials


The elaboration and meltdown of high added value materials or the improvement of the materials’ physical properties all take place in vacuum or controlled atmosphere furnaces. The technologies used can be a cold crucible for reactive materials (crucible with cooled copper or stainless steel parts), a hot crucible (graphite or other) or a susceptor or muffle radiating on the heated material.


Therefore, cold electric insulating materials (ceramic, glass, enamel, silicon) can be treated in ECM Technologies’ industrial melting furnaces. Plasma solutions can be considered as means to purify materials. ECM Technologies’ melting solutions such as VIM (Vacuum Induction Melting furnace), CCIM (Cold Crucible Induction Melting installations) or any other industrial melting furnace use the latest technologies to offer the best solution to its customers.


Also, all of these technologies open to a wide range of applications and can be adapted to each customer’s need with the capacity to offer tailor made solutions. Indeed, all of the aforementioned processes can be set up in industrial melting furnaces treating large loads, as well as in smaller installations adapted to laboratories.


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