Serthel Manufacturer of industrial furnaces for termochemical treatments, forging and conventional heat treatments

Serthel Industrie has been integrated to the ECM Group in April 2015. It is specialized in furnaces designed to coat the vanes and blades of jet engines using a treatment process called aluminizing, also known as VPA. The process developed by the company allows alternate cycles to take place on loads in a single high-temperature furnace.


The advantage of this aluminizing process is the ability to double the production by separating the treatment and cooling cycles of the loads, resulting in an unparalleled ROI.


The loads are placed in boxes under an airtight bell in which the aluminizing treatment is carried out under a shielding gas. A fully computerized aluminizing machine comprises of:


2 mobile housings for the aluminizing treatment;
1 high-temperature furnace;
1 load-preparation and unloading area;
1 confined cooling cell;
1 control system.


The dimensions of the loads treated with these installations are:

  • VPA700 ⌀700 × 1,000
  • VPA1000 ⌀1,050 × 1,200
  • VPA1200 ⌀1,200 × 1,800
  • VPA1400 ⌀1,400 × 1,500

The industrial solutions offered by Serthel Industrie are already present in Safran’s factories in France, China and Mexico as well as in GE’s production units in Poland and Italy and in Chromalloy France.


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