The oil quenching cell allows the quenching of up to 750 kg loads, for a useful size of L1000 x L610 x H750mm.

There are 2 versions :

  • Cold oil version: area of work: 60 to 100°C
  • Hot oil version: area of work: 110 to 180°C

This cell works under vacuum or under partial nitrogen pressure, thus ensuring the absence of oxidation on the surface of the low pressure carburised parts.

It has an internal lift and two level positioning: Quenching and dewatering / loading / unloading. The oil, vigorously stirred by 2 immersed hydraulic brewers, can handle large loads thus limiting calefaction phenomena. The layout of these brewers is different depending on the tray version.

The oil speed can vary and can reach 1,3m/sec.
The oil cooling is ensured by a continuous water/oil or air/oil exchanger group depending on the operating temperature.
Installation of the quench tank requires the construction of a waterproof and airtight tank.

Optional, if the parts are to undergo intermediate machining before the oil quenching, accelerated load cooling with 1 bar nitrogen can be achieved with a turbine located in the upper part of the quenching tank. The nitrogen is cooled using an internal water / gas heat exchanger.

Oil Quenching Cell on an ICBP Flex

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