Pit vacuum furnaces are ideal for processing vertical axis parts. Its reduced footprint and its design makes it a highly economical solution for investment.

Rubis range offers economical solutions for low pressure heat treatment, with gas quenching for vertical axis parts. Its simple structure makes it a robust solution with low maintenance costs.


Main advantages include:
Removable top easing loading and unloading phases of large size parts
Full graphite insulation and heating element
Accelerated cooling system by gas injection ensures homogeneous diffusion on loads during cooling phases, while reducing cycles times.

  • Quench
  • Hyper quench
  • Brazing
  • Quenching of tool steels
  • Tempering
  • Annealing
  • Ageing
  • Sintering

Rubis 18-20

180 x 200 (Vertical Ø x Height)

Rubis 30-50

300 x 500 (Vertical Ø x Height)

Rubis 40-60

400 x 600 (Vertical Ø x Height)

Rubis 50-80

500 x 800 (Vertical Ø x Height)

Rubis 110-200

1100 x 2000 (Vertical Ø x Height)

Working temperature up to 2500°C

More sizes available : Contact us

  • Secondary vacuum
  • Single or Reverse flow quenching
  • Low pressure carburizing
  • Work under partial pressure of inert gas
  • Gas scavenging

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