Available furnaces with short delays : used & refurbished

ECM Technologies offers second hand furnaces, fully refurbished, with short delivery times. Each retrofit operation keeps the flexibility of ECM Technologies’ equipments. Indeed, each furnace can be configured according to your needs.


ECM Technologies is always looking for old furnaces. If you want to get rid of your old furnace, contact us!


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Impregnation bell furnace

Second hand primary vacuum furnace

Fully refurbished: New heating elements, new pumps, new gas cabinet

3 heating zones, graphite

Heating up to 1200°C, max load 800kg

Fast cooling

Load 600mm diameter x 800mm height

Applications: Gas annealing, Primary vacuum annealing


Options and customisation are possible


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Ultra Cristal

Primary or secondary vacuum furnace

Fully refurbished : new power generator & new gas circuit

Graphite heating element for a working temperature up to 2000°C

Possibility to choose a molybdenum heating elements to heat up to 1600°C

Possibility to add gas scavenging system : H2, wet H2, Nitrogen, Argon

Possibility to add a cooling valve


Useful load of diameter 220mm x height 350mm

Load diameter : 600mm

Load height : 800mm


No forced convection


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SOLD - Lilliput

Metallic furnace for treatments up to 1600°C, gas scavenging, under partial pressure or secondary vacuum

Fully refurbished: new power generator & thermal device

Molybdenum heating element

Primary vacuum : mechanic pump

Secondary vacuum : diffusion pump

Neutral gas scavenging circuit

Hydrogen gas scavenging circuit, no burner exhaust system

Neutral gas & hydrogen partial pressure

Forced convection system



Useful load 11×14


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SOLD - Vesuve 966

Second hand vacuum furnace, fully refurbished

Ideal for tempering

Dimensions : 900x600x600

Max load : 600kg

Working temperature 750°C +/- 5 °C

Chrome Nickel heating elements

Vacuum 5 10-2

1 mechanic pump & 1 root

Sold - Pit Furnace PFV 500

Refurbished vertical furnace

Load maximum diameter : 800mm

Height : 500 mm

Loading : 250 kg max

Temperature : 1300°C

Graphite resistor – 1 zone

Vacuum 5 10-3