You are looking for a vacuum furnace for laboratory use ?

Our Lilliput furnaces take over the characteristics of most ECM furnaces but adapt them to the numerous conditions of laboratory experiments. They allow high added value applications while conserving very compact dimensions. These furnaces are particularly adapted to laboratory uses as well as university and R&D applications.

Hearth lift furnaces have the advantage of being able to manipulate and gear up the load directly on the lift. For increased flexibility, it is possible to choose the nature of heating elements according to usage, performance and materials to be treated.

  • Molybdenum up to 1600°C
  • Tungsten up to 2350°C


Sold as standard with a primary vacuum configuration, the Lilliput range is easily convertible into an installation under secondary vacuum.


These furnaces are proposed with industrial control systems (Supervision) allowing the management and access to all the functions and programs of the furnace, as well as to the collection of all the data linked to the process.

  • Brazing
  • Glass to metal sealing
  • Annealing
  • Magnetic annealing
  • Sintering
  • Degassing

Lilliput 22-20

220 x 200 (diameter x height (mm))

More sizes available : Contact us

  • Secondary vacuum
  • Accelerated cooling via forced convection
  • Gas humidification system
  • Uniaxial or isostatic press
  • Temperature up to 2800°C
  • Hyper quench
  • Use of special gas: hydrogen and other reactive gas
  • Partial pressure of neutral gas or reductive gas

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