Integration and management of robots & automated solutions

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ECM Robotics is an ECM Group’s division that has the capacity to integrate and manage all kinds of robots for a wide range of applications. Its know how and services ensure the successful integration of robots in your production lines.


ECM Robotics innovates to offer the best experience for your project from its inception to its commissioning. To do so, the latest technologies and innovations are involved. Virtual reality is used since the conception phase to “feel” the project since its premises, 3D printers are used to design prototypes (grippers) and 3D simulations are conducted to validate concepts and to simulate cycles.

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Robotized solutions for battery pack manufacturing

Virtual Reality

Imagining, creating & visualizing

  • Used during the planning phase to show the project and illustrate its feasibility
  • Helps in dimensioning, conception and in ancitipating future developments
  • Shows the project in scale 1/1 even before its manufacturing
  • Helps in optimising the conception phase

3D printing

Designing, testing & validating

  • An innovative approach to develop and validate grippers
  • As a result, ECM Robotics has patented its own innovative grippers
  • Optimisation of the RsD phase: delays & cost reduction compared to aluminum prototypes
  • Enhances flexibility and creativity thanks to the test of several concepts

3D Simulations

Simulating to validate

  • Simulates real loads scenarios to estimate feasibility
  • Simulation of real cycle times to 1/10th of a second
  • Payload charge simulations allow to predict if a load can be manipulated or not
  • Overall validation of implementation concepts and cycles
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