ICBP® Flex Multi chamber vacuum carburizing furnace

You are looking for a vacuum carburizing furnace ?

The ICBP® Flex is the most innovative and popular vacuum carburizing furnace solution of the ECM range. The Flex is a robust, reliable and yet simple solution. These assets make it a reference on the market, illustrated by its wide diffusion of over 200 systems in production around the world, and more than 30 years of feedback from customers.


The modular and compact design of the ICBP® Flex has been designed to meet strict requirements in terms of quality and productivity. This modular and multi chamber vacuum carburizing furnace can integrate oil quenching (cold or hot) or gas quenching cells with single or reverse flows (up to 20 bar), as well as a number of heating cells depending on the required production capacity. Convection chambers for tempering are also available.


In addition to this, the ICBP Flex system shows a high level of integration and automation. Indeed, ECM Robotics – a division within the ECM Group – has the skills and experience to integrate robots aiming at optimizing the system’s overall performance.

Advantages of ICBP® flex vacuum carburizing furnace :


A lightweight and insulated transfer robot manages loads from cell to cell.
This modularity ensures the possibility to mix all types of treating recipes with a continuous production flow of loads.


The ICBP® range comprises of 1 to 10 heating cells, from ICBP® 100 to ICBP® 1000.


Adding treatment cells to an existing installation allows the production capacity to be increased at low cost with only a few days of downtime.

  • Low pressure carburizing
  • Low pressure carbonitriding
  • Nitriding
  • Nitrocarburizing / FNC
  • Case hardening
  • Quenching
  • Tempering
  • Vacuum annealing
  • Brazing
  • Sintering
610x750x1000 (LxHxW) 750KG
610x900x1000 (LxHxW) 750KG

Heating up to 1050°C standard, high temperature available

More sizes available : Contact us

  • Compatible with
    • AMS2750
    • CQI9
  • Inert gas convection
  • 1000 Kg loads
  • Hot oil quenching
  • High temperature
  • Water loop for cooling
  • Quenching gas recovery (for helium)
  • Possibility to integrate the furnace and all peripherals within a heat treating line, made of: washing machine, pre heating furnace, tempering, storage, transfer system, unloading…
    Heating cell for deoiling and dewaxing, high temperature tempering

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