2 chamber furnaces from the ICBP®range

Vacuum carbonitriding and carburizing

The ICBP® Duo furnaces contain one heat chamber using the Infracarb® patent for low pressure carburising or carbonitriding, and one quenching cell. The quenching cell can be oil (hot or cold) or gas (maximum pressure of 20bars)


 RangeGas Quenching Oil Quenching L x l x hWorking Weight
 ICBP® DUO 644 ecm_cube ecm_cube 600 x 450 x 450 200 Kg
 ICBP® DUO 966 ecm_cube ecm_cube 960 x 610 x 660 500kg
 ICBP® DUO 1299  ecm_cube 1200 x 910 x 910 1500 kg