Multi chamber furnaces : modular concept with a central shuttle

ICBP® JUMBO completes the low pressure carburizing range of solutions which ECM Technologies proposes, enabling to process loads of great lengths.

ICBP® JUMBO maintains all the compact and modular qualities of the ICBP® Flex design goes further in terms of volume and number of parts treated in a low pressure carburizing installation.

The major points of the ICBP® Jumbo:

• Can accommodate up to 14 cells in the same row
• Fully compatible with all versions of AMS2750E aerospace specification
• Compact systems with the cells facing one another and the possibility to have gas and oil quenching on the same installation
• Possibility to perform maintenance from the back AND the front of the cell DURING production thanks to rails on which the cells are mounted which make the maintenance position possible.
• No Civil Engineering additional cost

The transfer module is isolated and heated to guarantee quenching uniformity from one load to the next.

This modularity guarantees the possibility to mix any type of recipe processes with a continuous workflow.