The most compact installation of low pressure carburizing and carbonitriding furnace

ICBP® Nano, is the lastest product in the range of Low Pressure Carburizing et Carbonitriding furnaces for ECM Technologies.

The ICBP® Nano composes one module with 3 stacked up heating cells (it can be extended to 6 heating cells, corresponding to 2 heating modules) and a gas quenching cell to cool the pieces. The carburizing cells are stacked up to reduce the footprint’s installation as much as possible.

ICBP-Nano Four industriel de Cémentation et carbonitruration basse pression

 3 Heating Cells configuration6 Heating Cells configuration
Width5 500 mm8 000 mm
Length3 800 mm3 800 mm
Height3 800 mm3 800 mm

The ICBP® will be integrated directly into the production line and allows to reduce the cycle time while simplifying the flows between the machining and heating treatment.

 Gross weightWidthLengthHeight
Treatment Capacity100 kg500 mm600 mm

250 mm


Better uniformity and repeatability from one part to another while reducing distortion. Each cell is controlled separately to be able to work in each cell at different temperatures, gas injection and heating treatment recipes.
  •  Flexibility : Adding 3 extra heating cells on an existing installation to increase the productive capacity.
  •  Improved productivity :
    •  Directly integrated into the machining line
    •  Shorter treatment cycles (possible speed: 1 tray / 7.5 mn)
  •  Guaranteed performance : Thanks to our test platform and integrated metallurgy laboratory
  •  Repeatability : excellent from batch to batch, from part to part.
  •  Personal protection : cold system, no fire hazard & elimination of scrap
  •  More compact : Stacked up heating cells
  •  Shorten installation time on site: the equipment is already assembled
  •  Simplified maintenance :
    •  Specific maintenance area by removing heating cells
    •  Actuators and sensors accessible from the outside (motor, cylinders…) during the production cycle
    •  Maintenance door on the transfer chamber
  • Gas quenching cell compatible with Helium and Nitrogen gases without modification

Many processes available...

  • Vacuum carburizing
  • Vacuum carbonitriding
  • Hardening vy Gas Quenching
    • Helium (He) or Nitrogen (N2)
    • Up to 10 bar (option 20 bar)
  • High temperature tempering
  • Vacuum annealing
  • Brazing
  • Sintering

And options.

  •  Machine compatible with AMS2750 and neutral atmosphere convection heating
  •  System for exhaust gas treatment
  •  Cooling water loop
  •  Quenching gas recovery system (for Helium)
  •  All peripherals such as washing machine, preheating, tempering, storage, transfer system and loading/unloading stations, etc.
  •  Heating cell for deoiling and dewaxing

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