A full range of vacuum heat treatment furnace solutions.

Four types of solutions by ECM Technologies:

  • ICBP® is a flexible and modular solution. It uses the INFRACARB® low pressure carburising patent for the average and mass production of mechanical parts with gas or oil quenching within the same equipment.
  • A range of batched horizontal and vertical vacuum furnaces are used for all applications from 150°C to 2,800°C
  • Photovoltaic solutions including poly or mono-crystalline silicon melting furnaces, but also turnkey factories for solar panel manufacturing.
  • Induction furnaces for various applications up to 3, 000°C (fusion, etc.)

> Adapted to your needs

ECM Technologies’ solutions include a wide range of thermal vacuum equipment. Their size can be adapted according to production needs and workshop size.

> The effectiveness of our processes has been proven on the market

  • ICBP®: it implements the Infracarb® heat treatment method which is a reference in the world of heat treatment. It guarantees the reduction of the cycle time, the absence of oxidation and a precise and repeatable control of the carburising parameters. There are nearly 1,000 low pressure carburising cells in production worldwide.
  • Vacuum furnaces: this activity started in 1964 and allowed ECM Technologies to install more than 1,500 furnaces throughout the world for a wide range of applications.
  • Photovoltaic solutions: 30 years of experience in PV production, supplying DSS crystallisation of polycrystalline silicon ingot furnaces, or turnkey plants for cell and solar manufacturing.

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