automated lines for heat treatment

Automated lines for heat treatment

29 October 2020

Supply of automated lines for the forging industry

Serthel Industrie, which joined the ECM Group in 2015, specializes in the design and manufacture of heat treatment lines under controlled atmosphere, and in particular in large furnaces (forging or heat treatment) and deposition furnaces for naval and aeronautical applications. Serthel Industrie has been fully integrated within ECM Technologies since July 2020, in order to pool knowledge and skills in these markets.

Forged parts: a recognized expertise

Serthel Industrie has acquired considerable knowledge through its experience and references in the forging of parts for the aeronautics and nuclear industries such as reactor shafts, drums and casings, precision forging of blades and forged parts in nickel and titanium base alloys. This enables us to provide expert answers to customers in the aeronautics industry, but also to open up new markets.

Serthel Industrie is in the process of supplying an automated line for the heat treatment of boiler components for the shipbuilding industry. The technologies implemented consist of a furnace based on “forging furnace” technology, powered by electric heating for large parts. Other equipment include an automatic rail loader, a quenching station, a cooling station and two loading stations.

This productive yet compact system is a breakthrough compared to traditional forging furnaces, which are usually gas-heated. Indeed, electric heating allows a strong reduction of CO² emissions, a fast temperature rise up to 120°C/ hour, and an excellent temperature homogeneity both dynamically and statically.

Expertise in heat treatment associated with robotics

Serthel Industrie’s expertise extends to the manufacture of heat treatment installations. In fact, in addition to its knowledge of the challenges and standards of the naval and aeronautical industries, it masters the design, manufacture and commissioning of its installations.

The merger with ECM Technologies will enable the company to combine this expertise and to offer complete lines covering the entire value chain of the aeronautics industry: from forging to heat treatment and robotics.