e-mobility technology

E-Mobility: a growing trend for the ECM Group

4 November 2021

The actors of the heat treatment industry are more and more concerned with the current industrial challenges tending towards carbon neutrality. For many years, the ECM Group has been able to propose an offer in line with an increasing demand oriented towards carbon-free production tools. Thanks to its recognized low-pressure carburizing technology and the development of its subsidiary dedicated to renewable energies, ECM Greentech, the Group has experienced a strong growth in demand for e-mobility applications linked to the electrification of the automotive market.


Heat treatment of EV systems components


ECM’s vacuum carburizing furnace systems perfectly match with the structural changes in the automotive market including the development of electric vehicles and the adoption of low carbon footprint processes. The modular heat treatment systems Flex and Jumbo  are ideally suited to the treatment electric transmissions components (shafts, gears etc) in large volumes. The reliability of these equipments have enabled the ECM Group to become the partner of many international accounts in the e-mobility market. Willing to invest in solutions allowing a high return on investment, cleaner and more efficient processes, many car manufacturers and their subcontractors have chosen ECM Technologies as a long-term partner with in certain cases, some heat treatment lines made of up to 30 heating cells.

ECM Technologies’ heat treatment solutions offer many advantages from a metallurgical point of view while ensuring a clean and safe environment and an easy integration into workshops. Treated parts have improved properties: no oxidation, good surface and core hardness, better wear and fatigue resistance. These processes also ensure better deformation control, which is ideal for parts in electrical and hybrid transmission systems.


Turnkey lines for vehicle electrification


The ECM Group has also diversified its offer and developed its expertise in energy storage. Its subsidiary specialized in renewable energies, ECM Greentech, offers turnkey solutions for the assembly of battery packs. This year, the Group delivered a complete lithium battery pack assembly line for the Indian market, which will be used for the electrification of urban vehicles.  ECM Greentech, with the support of its technology partner Novum, ensured the entire technology transfer from the engineering to the installation of the line.