ECM Services: Commitment, Reactivity & Trust

23 June 2020

ECM Technologies’ teams are close to their customers 24/7 and wherever they are. This is also the case during the COVID 19 pandemic crisis with fully commited teams. Indeed, ECM Technologies keeps providing leading after sales services and support to its customers to keep production going on, or restart in the best possible conditions.

A proactive support

The remote maintenance offer allows for operations on connected heat treatment installations. This system lets experts establishing diagnosis and maintaining installations without any physical contact, keeping everyone safe and healthy. Moreover, ECM Technologies’ hotline that is available 24/7 was meaningful during these special times to support, advise and help customers no matter what.

The customer service team is able to support you with short delays thanks to regional resources in all continents. Also, it has international stocks of spare parts ready for shipment to make sure downtimes are shortened. These make ECM Technologies very agile and reactive, to better serve its customers.

Maintenance of industrial furnaces & complementary services

In addition to preventive and corrective maintenance operations, ECM Technologies provides a wide range of services including massflow calibration, installation relocation, retrofit and startup of furnaces, trainings, technical support, temperature uniformity surveys, leak detection…

After sales teams follow you and commit to a proactive service on the long run. They ease the integration of in house heat treatment and make this step a success.

Finally, ECM Technologies thanks its trustful client, who also trusted ECM during these challenging times.